Why it’s Essential to Hire a Probate Attorney

Business woman with arms crossed

If you think your life is complicated, just imagine how complicated things can be when you die. Yes, death is another kind of complication as the deceased doesn’t have to deal with the issues that come up. It’s the deceased’s family members who have to deal with the issues.

Some of the complications involve the settling of your debts and execution of your will. In addition, trying to fulfill your last wishes is another complication. When you draft a will, you’ll appoint someone to deal with your creditors, settle your debts, and make sure that your property is shared according to your wishes. This person is normally a legal professional called a probate attorney.

If you have an estate that’s complicated or large, your lawyer at http://www.upchurchlaw.com/areas-served/probate-attorney-ormond-beach/ may spend years attempting to properly settle your estate. For instance, this may happen even if your estate is not complicated and someone challenges your will in court. The challenge can linger in court for years and delay your estate’s settlement in the meantime.

Just consider the case of Anna Nicole Smith. Twenty six year old Smith got married to eighty nine year old J. Howard Marshall and the marriage lasted just over a year when Marshall died. At the time of death, Smith wasn’t in her billionaire’s husband’s will so she had to battle her step son in court over the will. The fight over the billionaire’s estate went on even after both Smith and Marshall’s son died and no one was left to fight it out.

The only individuals who probably made any money from that battle were probate lawyers who spent 10 years in court. It was like a horrible tug of war game with no real winners when the case finally ended. The lesson you can learn from this infamous public battle is that it’s important to make sure you have a clear will that’s updated with any divorces or marriages. This is especially important for senior men married to very young women with ambition. If you want to learn more about estate planning , you can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZRKAe3ucXA.

However, in most cases, you don’t need to be a billionaire to have a fight over your wealth, so a probate lawyer can help make your estate settlement less painful and easier for any loved ones you leave behind.

However, a probate lawyer can do much more than just represent you in court. They can also help ensure that your will is valid and produce the will in a probate court.

So, while life itself is complicated, death shouldn’t be if you take the right steps and hire a good lawyer to help you and your estate, click here to get started!


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